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  How is the Mega/Vacu-Trac different from a Vacuum pump?  
  One important difference is the Mega/Vacu-Trac does not need to form a seal against the pelvic area. This means shaving of the pelvic area is not necessary. Another major difference is the Mega/Vacu-Trac can be worn adjusted near the head of the penis to maximize the lengethening process. When adjusted yo accomodate the entire penis more increase in girth may be achieved.  
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  What is the difference between the Mega-Trac and the Vacu-Trac?  
  The only difference is that the Mega-Trac comes with 2 additional stainless steel weights that can replace the center section of the Mega-Tracs piston. This minimizes the bulk of the unit when adding additional weights.  
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  Why use the Mega/Vacu-Trac instead of just a vacuum pump?  
  As opposed to a vacuum pump, which only provides a inflation effect on the penis, the Mega/Vacu-Trac provides both the vacuum effect of a pump with the added benefit of weights for more effective length and girth gain.  
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  What is the difference between the Tugger and GP units?  
  The P.U.D. Tugger and GP are essentially the same unit and provide exactly the same function. The only differences are the general shape and esthetics of the units.  
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  When should I move up in weight?  
  Weight should never be increased by what another person is wearing. This is a very individual process, only increase weight when the current weight seems ineffective to you.  
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  When can I expect to start seeing gains?  
  Based on customer feedback, the average amount of time before gains are apparent is approximately 3-4 months. This time can vary from person to person depending on several factors such as: time invested, weight, tinsel strength of the skin, and the amount of skin.  
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  What type of tape should be used with the P.U.D's?  
  There are many tapes on the market that are applied to the skin. We at American Bodycrafters use 3M brands, Transpore, Micropore, Durapore. Be sure to test any tape you plan to use on your skin first with a small test strip.  
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  How long should I wear the Mega/Vacu-Trac?  
  The Mega/Vacu-Trac should be worn no more than 5-10 minutes at a time, with a minimum of a 5 minute break in between sessions.  
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  How much weight should I start out with?  
  We ask all customers to test their weight tolerance with the lightest amount the unit is supplied with, then build up from there.  
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  Can I damage myself using the Mega/Vacu-Trac?  
  As with ANY device on the market, if used improperly or excessively it can cause damage.  
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  How long will the sheaths last?  
  A latex sheath should be changed when it no longer maintains a seal. The average life of one sheath is approximately one month.  
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